Compassion @ Emmanuel


Compassion UK works in partnership with local churches in poor communities around the world to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. By sponsoring a child through their Child Sponsorship Programme, you can actively play a role in developing, equipping and building up your sponsored child and help their family step out of poverty.

Children who attend Compassion projects come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. The projects help the neediest children in the community regardless of their faith.
A sponsor’s financial support equips a child for the future by providing for their core needs: educational opportunities - including literacy and life skills training - health check-ups and supplemental nutrition. Children are also given opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel.

Sponsors are encouraged to pray for and write to their sponsored child frequently. It is a fantastic way to input into the child’s life and is greatly valued by them.

Sponsorship gives freedom
A number of Emmanuel households currently sponsor children through Compassion. “We might not be able to change the world, but we can change the world for one child.” It costs just £28 a month to sponsor a child and transform a life.

We run a Compassion Sunday each year, usually in the summer or the autumn.

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Ann Markowe, 31/10/2021